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Rendi is Hungary's biggest platform for providing household services

We work exclusively with trusted professionals, with our online ordering system, you can easily order our services. We have fixed prices, you'll know the exact cost before work begins.

Giftcards at Rendi

Surprise your loved ones with a Rendi gift card! It’s a practical gift, because everyone needs cleaning, but only a few of us likes to do the housework. The gift card is not only redeemable for the basic cleaning services, the gifted can choose from our other services as well.

Whether it’s mattress cleaning, lawn mowing or litter removal, the recipient have the choice to choose the service.

Available card amounts include 5.000 HUF, 10.000 HUF and 15.000 HUF denominations.

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These numbers are steadily increasing as a function of the orders.
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How it works?


We can provide an expert even for the next day!

Comfortable payment

Pay online with several clicks comfortably and safely.

Customer service

Do you have any questions? Call us +36 1 999 1634 or write an email [email protected] You can reach us every weekday 8:00-17:00 and on weekends as well. 8:30 - 14:30

Professional staff

Our professionals go through multiple selections to offer the best service for you.

What can we offer?

  • You can buy the Rendi gift card online and pick it up at our office between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm, with the code you receive via email.
  • If you are the gifted, you can redeem your gift card by following these steps:

    1. Login or Register
    2. Click on the "gift card exchange" button on your profile or on your Rendi balance.
    3. After entering the code, the amount on the card will appear on your Rendi balance.
    4. You will be able to use it at any order, when you choose your payment method

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions about our giftcards

    • How can I use my gift card?

      1. Log in / Register.

      2. Click on the "I have a gift card" button, or on your Rendi balance.

      3. After entering the code, the amount on the card will appear on your Rendi balance.

      You will be able to use the balance to pay for the service at the end of the ordering process.

  • General questions

    • How does Rendi work?

      You can order a cleaning service, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, gardening, and construction waste removal in your home with a few clicks with Rendi. The prices are based on square meters cubic meters or the number of items so you can find the best solution for your home size and location. Another option by ordering a cleaning service is choosing the cleaning detergent package, which is a great help if you do not have enough or good quality detergents. We also thought of people who live in a green household, so you can also choose our BIO cleaner package. You can also rent cleaning supplies, which is a great help if there is a lack of good quality supplies at home.  After your order is placed, we will send you a confirmation email.


    • What happens if I need to cancel my booking, and how can I do that?

      We have created the Rendi platform to be as flexible as possible, but at the same time, we have some rules in place.

      Our goal is to provide high-quality and reliable cleaners and orders for our Customers and Cleaners.

      We understand that emergencies sometimes do arise unexpectedly, but changing the ordered service at a short notice, our cleaners will lose valuable working hours, so we may charge a cancellation fee in some cases.

      If the cleaner cannot get into the household or the customer does not claim cleaning, then the full cleaning fee will be automatically billed.

      In case of a single order:

      If the customer cancels his or her order 12 hours before the start, we will charge 2500 HUF cancellation fee.

      In case of regular ordering:

      To be qualified for this discount you are required to order once or twice per week at least 5 occasions. If the entire order is canceled before the 5 occasions, then the amount of the “unlawfully used” discount will be deducted, and a one-time cancellation fee of HUF 5000 will be charged.

      If the entire order is canceled due to dissatisfaction, then this must be communicated to us. We are working with hundreds of cleaning partners to ensure that all our customers find the best cleaners that suit their needs and they will be satisfied with their service provided in the long-run.

      In all cases, it is recommended to use the Rendi profile, because with just a few clicks you are able to change the order details easily.

      For weekly and fortnightly order:

      At least 5 occasions are required for weekly and fortnightly orders. A weekly order should be used for cleaning within 7 weeks, and the fortnightly order should be used for cleaning within 14 weeks.

      Monthly order:

      During a monthly order, 3 occasions are required within 5 months.

       After you log in you can cancel your cleaning under "Active orders" tab. There click on the garbage can icon.

      In case of ordering a carpet, upholstery or mattress cleaning and construction waste removal you can delete or modify by telephone. 

    • Why should I register if I gave all my personal datas during the order?

      Registration has many benefits as you can track your order, and you can even get a free cleaning from our affiliate program.

    • How often should you have your carpet cleaned?

      At least once every six month.

    • How can I change my password?

      After you log in, you can change your password by clicking on your name. There click on the "Change password" button. 

    • How can I change the date, the address, or the extras of the cleaning?

      After you log in, you can change it under "My orders" tab. There click on the pencil icon.

    • Will my personal information be safe?

      We will never give out your personal information to third parties. For more information regarding privacy please read our privacy policy.  Furthermore our servers do not store your card details to ensure an extra level of security.

    • What if the service was unsatisfactory?

      Our cleaners will do their hardest to make your home sparkle, however, if you are unsatisfied with the service, please send us back the evaluation form within 24 hours that we send you by e-mail after each cleaning and our complaint manager will contact you. Please send pictures in advance to [email protected], to help us decide whether your complaint is legitimate.


    • What Happens if the service cannot be executed due to bad weather?

      In this case, our partner will consult with you about a possible new date before starting the garden works. If the weather turns bad during work, you are able to arrange a new appointment on the spot.

    • How can I rate the service provider?

      Depending on the completion of the cleaning, we will send you a short evaluation form around 7 pm or at 11 am on the following day. Please fill out this form and send it back so that our partners' performance review is always up to date.

    • How can I invite my friends?

      On the website choose the "Affiliates" tab. There you can invite your friends via e-mail adress and receive 1000 HUF on your balance after their first order is made.They get 1500 HUF OFF from their first order in return. 

    • Do I have to be home at the time of the cleaning?

      No, you don’t have to be at home.

    • Should I prepare my home for the cleaner?

      The tidier the house, the easier for the cleaner to clean. If you don't have the time to prepare your home for the cleaner, choose our deep cleaning extra and we will completely remove the burden from your shoulders!

    • What can I do if the Rendi cleaner doesn’t come on the agreed time?

      If the cleaner can’t get to you on the agreed time, they will notify us and we will inform you. If the time of their arrival is not acceptable for you, we will reschedule according to your needs.

    • What happens if I do not need an ordered and paid extra or I want to add new extras for my cleaning?

      In your profile, you can add extras to your order. If you add an extra, its price will automatically be deducted after the cleaning. If you delete an extra from your order then the overpayment will be credited to your Rendi balance after the cleaning.


    • Can I add an extra on the spot?

      Sure, you can! After you log in, you can change it under "My orders" tab. There click on the pencil icon.

    • How does the payment work?

      We accept cashless payments via our secure online payment system.



    • Will I receive a receipt?

      Yes, the cleaner will send you a receipt. During placing the order you must let us know if you need a VAT receipt.

    • In which areas does Rendi operate?

      At the moment we can serve customers in Budapest, Pécs, Szeged, Székesfehérvár, Debrecen, and Győr. More places coming soon!

    • How can I become a Rendi house cleaner?

      If you are experienced in home cleaning, please fill in our application form HERE

    • How does Rendi.hu guarantee the realiability of the service providers?

      We only work with professionals who we have met in person, interviewed and rigorously background-checked - service providers we\'d be happy to have clean our own homes! The main reliability, however, is given by the users, as all the professionals have been constantly valued by the households. So someone who comes to you has certainly done a good job at someone else before!

    • What type of cleanings does Rendi not offer?

      We can't fulfill these requests:

      -Cleaning and disinfection after the deceased

      -Cleaning and disinfection of human or animal fecies

      -Cleaning at crime scenes, accidents

      -Cleaning burned out homes, smoke and soot removal, mitigation, plastering etc.

      -Graffity removal

      -Disinfection and cleaning of sewers

      -Removing contaminated land

      -Other extreme cleaning types not mentioned above